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Google clarifies position on dollar rate fiasco

Google has clarified its position over the dollar rate fiasco that took the internet by storm on late Tuesday night.

The United States Dollar (USD) had “fallen to Pakistan Rupee (PKR) 76.25”, as shown by all major search engines, including Google and Bing.

Reacting to the bug, a Google spokesperson said on Wednesday that it was a result of discrepancies in data received from third parties.

“At times we get our data from third party sources, and in this case, we have flagged and fixed the error,” the spokesperson said.

On Tuesday night, Google’s online currency converter showed miscalculations after citing incorrect values of various currencies against PKR.

With panic spreading among some people and others celebrating the dollar depreciation, Pakistan Today had gone the extra mile to discover that the dollar fall was but a bug in the systems of Morningstar – a financial services company from which all major search engines seek their exchange rate data.

The same was confirmed by other exchange rate providers like Bloomberg and XE, which showed the dollar rate at an unaffected Rs139.38, as recorded earlier in the day.

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