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5 surprising beauty items that can change the way you look

You can get all the makeup you want but it won’t work unless you get the right things. And on the same note, there are things a girl should never live without.

What are the must-have items in every successfully good looking girl’s arsenal? Here’s a look:

1- Lip Balm
Dry and chapped lips will never be okay. Never. Please do yourself a favour and always keep one of these handy. We love the Vaseline Rosy Lips since it doubles as a lip tint.

2- Eyeshadow Shields
Best for beginners at makeup but works for everyone. Saves you from looking like a Cobra.

3- Coloured Concealer
You can use the concealer you want, honey, but it won’t work if unless you layer it with one of these. Also, the green one is a lifesaver if you have undereye bags.

4- CC cream
How about not looking like you dipped your face in flour? Please use a CC cream for daily use. We love the CC+ which comes with approval from Allure and an SPF 50+ to fight evil sunrays.

5- Moisturizer
Mario Badescu who??? Why are you paying big bucks when you have this at every local store? Why? Arq-e-Gulab is the way to go. Add a tablespoon on glycerin and see the magic unfold.

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