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White Lies

Twenty percent off. The Chief Justice ruled that private schools have to reduce their fees by a fifth. Where, exactly, did this specific proportion come from, we don’t know. But His Lordship isn’t known for exactitude.

Now, it’s a business for these private schools. They’re not exactly brimming with the milk of human kindness. So, rather than reduce their profit margins, they have decided to scale back facilities. No heaters, lesser labs, fewer excursions. Low quality.

A raw deal, of you ask us. Specially considering the fact that four/fifths of the original fees is still a very large amount.

Regardless of which way you slice this, it’s the kids and their parents who get hurt.


An economist is currently rather close to the prime minister. The latter has taken a liking to him, specially when the man says things like how the GDP growth rate of the previous regime was fudged.

An irony, this, given how when this economist was at a crucial post in the Musharraf era, he was publicly accused of the same by Ishaq Dar, for whom (surprise, surprise) he had also worked!

But his latest “hypothesis” is very interesting. The theory that he has posited: the PPP went into an IMF program, they lost the election; the League went into an IMF program, they lost the election. Ipso facto, the PTI will lose the next election were they to go into an IMF program.

Voodoo economics. This is more up the first lady’s alley.

When did the Dismal Science start resembling the occult?