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Setting the precedent

  • Someone has to do it

The World we live in, to a great extent, functions in complex ways under the influence of complicated laws of nature. One of many of such complicated laws, however, remains quite simple to understand; yet lacks the basic understanding by many. Drawing an analogy to the third law of motion by Newton suggesting that “every action has and equal and opposite reaction”, this law conveys a similar message; related to the very basic everyday life we live.

“Inaction will always make way for action to follow”.

The vacuum inaction leaves behind is, and will always be bound to be followed, and filled up by necessary action. As they say, “a gap is created merely to be filled, after all”. If we don’t do what is needed, for sure someone else will. Our world, perhaps, is designed to function in this way.

A mere glimpse on the current state of affairs in Pakistan, governance affairs in particular, one comes across many examples that prove the aforementioned observation to be a fact. The present day PTI government is indeed a reflection of the same, as it only came forward to fill the gap that was created in the political sphere of the country by two politically dominant parties. But this example is not all, and certainly not the best one.

The finest example that we all are a witness to today is the honorable Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan himself. Having been criticised severely from political to perhaps every other walk of life for doing what was never his core responsibility, CJP Saqib Nisar stood above all odds in proving the fact to be a fact i.e. Inaction will always make way for action to follow. The Chief Justice has led the way in teaching a lesson not just his judicial succession to follow, but everyone across the board. Teaching the valuable lesson that merely complaining, and criticising others for not doing their job will not do us any favour, rather a simple realisation that someone has to do it would. There is an individual responsibility lying at everyone’s end that needs to be fulfilled.

This lesson was, and is critical for this nation to learn, as a whole, since it is not particular to any specific individual, group, or institution. Of course, by no means does it preach or allow one to go beyond the limits, and take law in his/her hands in the name of changing things, but the very beauty lies in remaining within the defined constitutional, and legal limitations, and then going beyond one’s actual means, and boundaries in changing what is to what should be.

The Chief Justice, Saqib Nisar, in his constitutional role has not only remained proactive in working towards provision of speedy justice to all ends, along with ensuring supremacy of law across the country

The Chief Justice, Saqib Nisar, in his constitutional role has not only remained proactive in working towards provision of speedy justice to all ends, along with ensuring supremacy of law across the country via suo-moto notices, and actions, but has also been active in the field. While many may argue, and may be right as well to a great extent, that field visits to hospitals, educational institutions, etc. are not a requirement of the CJP’s role, however, the miserable state of inaction at the end of responsible departments, and institutions is itself the greatest justification for the needful being done by the honorable CJP himself.

Today the country is on the verge of initiating the construction of much needed dams in order to enhance the capacity of our water reservoirs with respect to needs of future generations to come. The credit for this landmark achievement, whereas should have gone to past/present government(s) under ideal circumstances, which ironically is not the case in our country as of now, it is the CJP’s proactive approach, and efforts beyond the call of his constitutional duty that is to be credited. Like everyone else, the CJP could have also chosen to have remained in his limited role, and spent hours and hours complaining, and criticising the relevant authorities over their inaction, however, he proved to be a man wise enough to realise that this country was in a competition with time. And time called for action.

Someone, in the wake of dire situation(s), must rise above his/her designated role, go beyond the available means, and be the change agent the entire country looks forward to, is a mandatory pre-requisite for change to be a reality. Failing this, change can, and will remain a dream only.

The CJP, retiring from his post in coming days, has passed the lesson of someone has to do it on to us by his own example, laying down the path for us to follow in our individual capacity. For it is on us now, if we care to take the path to real change over hues, and cries. Those who have a problem with others taking charge of affairs of their business must make sure they take care of their business as is required. Otherwise someone else will.

Rest assured, real change only lies within every one of us! Let it out, and it will change the world for good.