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President Alvi declares 2019 ‘year of nursing’

— Alvi claims extending midwifery is among government’s priorities 

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi on Tuesday called 2019 “the year of nursing”.

Addressing the annual Summit of Pakistan Nursing and Midwifery in the federal capital, the president said that extending the capacity of midwifery in Pakistan is among the priorities of the government.

“Our objective is to provide better health facilities to the people,” he added.

President Alvi also announced that a nursing university will be established soon, “so that the number of well-trained nursing staff gets doubled within two years.”

The nursing university would also be able to train 25,000 nursing staff annually. Meanwhile, Alvi said that a Pakistan Nursing Chapter would also be set up in the country and nursing diploma program will be upgraded into the degree program.

The president further said, “Improving the health sector would directly have a positive impact on the national economy.”

Two days earlier in Lahore, President  Alvi stressed to promote the culture of research in all medical education institutions.

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