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White Lies

He’s whatever he wants to be. Sure, his title might be the Federal Minister for Water Resources, but when the man wants to be Bond, Her Majesty’s Secret Service adds a new member.

We saw him stuffing a Glock in his pants (make of it what you will, Freudians) in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi.

The aforementioned gun apparently costs quite a packet but money isn’t an issue for the man, who was recently heard telling someone at a wedding that he has more Hummers than anyone in Pakistan.

Speaking of too many cars, after his oath taking as a minister, he asked for the official flag to be affixed on thirty of his personal vehicles. Upon being told that the govt would only pay for one, he foot the bill for the twenty-nine others himself.

What, screams the question, is the fellow compensating for?


There were a lot of things about the recently-held Ambani wedding to boast about.

One of the world’s biggest pop stars performed. Two former US Secretaries of State danced. The upper echelons of Bollywood A-listers helped serve food to the guests. The Bad Bhai of Bollywood, who otherwise cares for neither pedestrian nor blackbuck, was relegated to be a background dancer in a family dance.

Add to that list the fact that an event took place in Karachi that attempted to reenact the event. That’s right, not a wedding which had a similar theme and motif. Not a wedding at all. Just an event celebrating the Ambani wedding!

As a bemused Indian journalist Shekhar Gupta tweeted, “because no upper crust can be nuttier than Pakistan.”