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PHC seals drug addiction treatment, rehabilitation centre

LAHORE: Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) on Saturday sealed a drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation centre and evacuated 38 inmates. The commission shifted them to the Punjab Institute of Mental Health for treatment.

The PHC team, accompanied by the district administration and police, conducted a raid on the Panah Rehab in Riwaz Garden, which was being run without required human resource, that is, psychiatrists, doctors, para-medical staff, etc., and insufficient facilities like the residential and emergency cover.

Only ten beds were available, while inmates were made to sleep on the floor in congested rooms.

Moreover, the centre was being run without registration from the PHC, and medical record of the inmates, while the attendants were also untrained.

The administration had also screened patients for different diseases like hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, etc.

An FIR against the owner of the Panah Rehab Syeda Saadia Ghaznavi has been registered by the Sandah police station.

This is the second centre of the owner, which has been closed down by the PHC.

Earlier, the Panah Hospital on Nisbat Road was sealed by the Commission.

The PHC spokesperson said the Commission so far conducted raids at 83 drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation centres, and evacuated 710 persons.

Out of the visited centres, 38 have been completely and six partially sealed, he said, adding that show-cause notices had been served on 24 centres after stopping them from taking admissions and discharging the admitted patients. A fine of about Rs 6 million has been imposed on the centres.

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