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Appointment notifications should be made public, demands Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: PML-N Central Spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb has demanded that the appointment notifications issued by the Prime Minister’s Office and entire cabinet should be made public in the aftermath of the Farrukh Saleem fiasco, saying that it can avoid further confusion.

In a statement, Marriyum said that the disgraceful and embarrassing situation created for the government in the Farrukh Saleem case has merited this demand.

“What if the prime minister or any of his ministers commit an irreparable blunder and later the hoard of liars flee and exonerate themselves by saying they were not formally notified to that office. They would claim that all steps taken by the cabinet were a farce because they did not receive a notification,” Marriyum argued.

The former information minister stressed that considering the deplorable governance and one blunder after the other, it was even more essential to see these notifications in order to fix responsibility for the embarrassment.

Marriyum demanded that the government should bring forward their announced and unannounced advisers and the people should be told who sits in core government meetings without any official notification.

She demanded that FIRs must be registered against those impersonating and infiltrating meetings of the national interest without any formal notification because this practice is raising many dangerous questions.

“Those who have lied regarding their positions or impersonated government office for personal enrichment should be tried in courts,” she concluded.

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