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Supreme Court issues interim order in Asghar Khan case

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) on Thursday issued a three-page interim order in the case filed by late air chief Air Marshal Asghar Khan.

The top court on Monday had issued notices to Asghar’s legal heirs after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had recommended closing the case.

“Notices have been issued to determine whether money was given to politicians or not,” the interim order stated, adding that the FIA conducted multiple investigations and the statements of the witnesses were contrary.

A related paragraph from the FIA report, submitted to the court on Monday, was also made part of the order.

“Those who were party to the case, are not aware of the receipts nor mode or time of payments,” the interim order upheld.

Stating that “the real amount which was transferred into bank accounts is not apparent either”, the order added. “Related banks did not cooperate with FIA either and did not give the record for the past 24 years.”

“The defendant did not present any evidence,” it continued.

“This case was filed by Asghar Khan who is no more,” the order stated further.

The hearing of the case has been adjourned for a week.

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