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Govt disowns Farrukh Saleem, says hasn’t been appointed spokesman

Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry on Thursday clarified that Farrukh Saleem was not a spokesman of the government, referring to the latter’s statement about country’s ailing economy.

In a tweet, the minister stated, “Clarification is needed @SaleemFarrukh is not [the] spokesperson of the Government. We ought to have appointed Dr sb Govt’s Spokesperson on [the] economy but later it transpired that PM office has banned any hirings so his Appointment could never transpire, he is free to have any opinion.”

Farrukh Saleem, who was supposed to be appointed as the government spokesperson on economy in October 2018, earlier expressed his discontent with the ruling party’s approach to handle the economic instability, suggesting measures to find alternative options rather than “hiding the symptoms of the disease”.

In an interview with a private news channel, Saleem said, “The government is not curing the disease, but hiding the symptoms. The results of devaluing rupee are not good. Despite 30% devaluation of the rupee, exports are still on the decline.”

“We have to consider an alternative strategy,” he suggested while being referred to as the government’s spokesperson on economic affairs by the media outlet.

Saleem revealed that most of the foreign loans, taken on a one-year plan, were costing the country’s current account deficit almost $1.8-2 billion per month due to the interest.

Later, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry clarified that Saleem currently holds no position in the government, admitting that he was supposed to be appointed on the said position.

It is worth recalling that the info minister had himself announced Saleem’s appointment via Twitter. He had said, “Ministry of Information is pleased to announce that Dr Farrukh Saleem will be the Government’s spokesperson on economy and energy issues, notification shall follow accordingly @SaleemFarrukh.”

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