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Aamir Khan shares New Year’s resolution with fans

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan took to his social media to share his New Year’s resolution with the fans and stated that his goal is to make his best film yet in 2019.

Khan who is no stranger to box office hits said, “Hey guys, wishing everyone a very happy new year. Peace and happiness to all.”

He then listed down his New Year’s resolutions, which included, to “get back in top shape,” “put into practice what I have learnt from my mistakes in 2018,” “make my best film yet,” “learn something new,” “spend more time with my mother, my children and (wife) Kiran (Rao).”

Khan concluded the note by apologising to “anyone I may have knowingly or unknowingly, hurt. My love to all!”

His previous films including DangalDhoom 3 and Secret Superstar have broken box office records worldwide

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