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‘Verdict proves honesty, integrity’

–Maryam says Nawaz will emerge stronger after conviction, to return soon

–Nawaz reiterates innocence, says served the nation honestly

–Ahsan Iqbal attacks NAB’s ‘double standards’, claims PTI being let off the hook

–Another black day for Pakistan, says Abbasi

Before the accountability court announced its verdict on Monday, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said that he was hopeful that justice would be served as he had not indulged in any corruption.

He told party members that his conscience was clear as he had served the nation honestly. He also left the decision of a protest up to them in case he is sentenced in the verdict.

After the court sentenced deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif to seven years in jail in the Al-Azizia corruption reference, his daughter Maryam Nawaz claimed that he will be stronger each day and shall return soon.

Maryam accused the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government of blatantly targetting Nawaz, and added that governments “operate on their character and performance, and not on political victimisation”.

“That they have to resort to such means points to an internal weakness. It seems like they decide what new method they will use to target Nawaz before going to their offices every day. But he will be stronger every day, and he shall return soon”, she further said.

Claiming that the decision was given on assumptions, she said that all verdicts against the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo were given on his belated father’s business. Moreover, she said that no evidence indicting him could be unearthed, and today’s decision is proof of his honesty, integrity and veracity.

She also called the fourth sentence awarded to her father the “last degree of blind revenge” as “not a single cent of corruption, kickbacks or commission could be proved against him after two and a half years of revenge akin accountability and three years of investigation, which proves his victory”.

“These decisions will end but Nawaz Sharif’s honesty and the burden of cruelty on his enemies shall remain. It won’t take long before the circumstances as government, power and authority are not permanent. Remember that cruelty that exceeds limits nullifies itself”, she added.

Further, she claimed that there was not an ounce of truth in the charges against Nawaz so 10,000 dirhams, family business and legitimate personal means of income were used as an excuse to malign him.

“This is his victory, and the victory of every PML-N voter standing with him today,” she stressed.

Meanwhile, senior party leader Ahsan Iqbal took to Twitter ahead of the verdict to question the “double standards” in the dispensation of justice as “PML-N is facing judicial proceedings because of two London flats that the Sharifs owned before Nawaz entered politics, while the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lawmakers are being let off the hook even when they own multiple offshore companies and flats in London”.

“What is this system of justice?” he questioned.

He added that Nawaz Sharif faced accountability for 9 years during Musharraf’s tenure and has been facing prosecution in the Panama case for the last two years. Moreover, he said that he was happy that his leader could not be charged with corruption of even 1 rupee as he was being maligned for his belated father’s business.

“His only charge is that he raised a voice against corruption in the people’s mandate,” he added.


Former prime minister and PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi termed the accountability court’s verdict as “another black decision” and said that there was neither any evidence nor any witnesses in either case.

“There is no evidence, nor any witness in either case. In fact, the witnesses said that Nawaz Sharif has no connection to the case. This is another black day for Pakistan, another black decision,” Abbasi said.

The PML-N leader pointed out that the Al-Azizia Steel mills were built when Nawaz was out of the country. “If this is the proof that Nawaz has been convicted for, then every Pakistani working abroad is a criminal,” Abbasi lamented.

“We have faced Musharraf in the past, we will face this as well,” he vowed, adding that the party workers will protest both inside and outside the Parliament, but will not resort to violence.

“We will not do anything that hurts democracy,” Abbasi added.

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