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White Lies

No man, said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, steps in the same river twice. Because by the time he steps in it for what is ostensibly the second time, it is not the same river anymore, nor is it the same man.

Well, Saad Rafiq is quite a different man when it comes to Asif Zardari now that the former has seen the inside of the slammer in a NAB case. In his first appearance at the National Assembly after his arrest, he was articulate in his defence of the PPP supremo regarding his impending NAB cases. Immediately, social media was abound with before-and-after videos of Rafiq weighing in on Zardari. Stark difference.

Politics, politics….


A Lahori socialite was heard telling people in her circle that she’s making a movie on former premiere Benazir Bhutto.

Is it a local production, they asked. No, Hollywood, replied the lady.

And who, pray, are you hiring to play the iconic figure, they ask.

I’m in talks with Angelina Jolie, she replied. With a straight face. Which is quite a feat, because we could barely even type this with a straight face.