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Sanam Baloch faces backlash for discrediting Aamir Liaquat’s first marriage

Aamir Liaquat’s second marriage with Tooba Aamir has been the talk of the town ever since the images went viral on social media.

Following the trolls on social media, Aamir shared a video on Twitter responding to the trolls and since then the new couple has been making appearances on various TV channels.

As of recent, the two were invited to Sanam Baloch’s show on a local TV channel to talk about their life together before and after marriage.

However, some of the comments made on the show have created a massive uproar on the internet. While mostly, it’s Aamir Liaquat who faces wrath for his controversial statements, this time it’s Sanam Baloch who has found herself in the eye of a social media storm.

The first half of the show was all fun and jokes, however, things took a turn for the worse during the last five minutes, when Baloch asked Liaquat why his first wife did not accept his second marriage.

“You are an Islamic scholar. You’ve studied religion,” she addressed her question to the TV personality. “Your kids have been brought up by you in a similar environment. Bushra bhabhi (his first wife), with the way she looks and talks seems to have studied Islam as well. It’s not like you have committed a sin by marrying for a second time. Why hasn’t she accepted your marriage?”

In normal circumstances, this question would have been answered in a responsible manner, but, Liaquat’s response was uncalled for.

“You answered your own question. She didn’t study Islam,” he asserted. Studying religion and studying it for a degree are two entirely different things.”

Following this, another instance when Baloch referred to a tweet by Liaquat’s daughter regarding Tooba, he responded by saying, “I can recall more than one incident where kids said something that would hurt you even more. But they are kids after all. I don’t pay much heed to it.”

As the show was ending she also questioned the PTI leader as to why the kids would want to criticise his new marriage to which he responded, “Children’s twitter accounts don’t appear out of the blue.”

From what it looked like, Liaquat took a dig at his first wife, stating that his children are not posting things on Twitter on their own.

“I got your point,” responded Baloch with a reaffirming gesture.

Soon after the morning show came to an end, people took to social media and revolted over how things escalated in the show.

A Twitter user said, ” Such a disappointment to see talking about second marriage – where he openly humiliates his first wife, takes pride in doing kifalat for his family & blaming tarbyat? is there any level to which these morning show hosts can go to for TRP?”

While another user said, “I think was trying to get a scoop by acting sympathetic in the hope that her “audience” dishes the dirt! It went horribly wrong. I chose to exercise more caution in my criticism of Sanam as she lacked sensitivity & I need to show the same in my critique.”

“Like why is Amir Liaqat being invited to morning shows in the first place? And why is he even discussing his first wife and kids?!??? How idiotic is this Faysal Qureshi and Sanam Baloch can you not find better and more deserving guests?” one user commented.

Similarly, another one commented, “Used to like Sanam Baloch but just lost respect for her after watching this clip. Why would you have this vile polygamous creature on your show and then be applauding him so.”

As the disappointed among the social media users kept increasing, tweet after tweet, another user said, “Im so disappointed in Sanam Baloch for talking about Aamir Liaquat’s first him and his wife on the show..thats fine but she could’ve avoided defaming his first wife when she knows NOTHING about the situation..These morning shows are hitting new lows every day.”

Journalist Maliha Rehman said, “ truly disgusts me. has proved how ‘deendar’ he is by marrying a second time.”

Hamna Zubair said, “Disgusting behavior by host and . The morning show host enouraged Aamir Liaquat to trash and discredit his ‘first’ wife. And then she proceeded to be sympathetic when he shat on his own children too. And all the while ‘second wife’ sat and smiled.”

As Maheen Taseer replied, “And we allow this filth to get aired!! @TubaAtweets and @AamirLiaquat know how vile they are-thats why they are going from show to show to prove a point. Yet the only thing they are succeeding at depicting is how awful and ugly they are on the inside. Absolutely shameful.”

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