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PTI govt responsible for witch hunt against rivals: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: PML-N Central Spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb, while condemning the blacklisting of Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader Hamza Shehbaz and arrests of Khawaja Saad and Salman Rafique, said that the PTI government had launched a vengeful campaign of political victimisation.

Reacting to the recent streak of arrests by the government and Hamza’s travel ban, Marriyum said that the government had failed the people of Pakistan in its first 100 days which is why it was using distraction tactics.

Marriyum clarified that Hamza was not offloaded from any plane. “Hamza was told at the immigration counter than his name was blacklisted for travel and that he could not leave the country upon which he turned back and went home. The U-turn government and its administration in its signature move then said that Hamza was on the Exit Control List,” she explained.

“These changing stances of the immigration staff is clear evidence of political pressure by PTI and under what law was a travel-ban imposed on Hamza when the high court had clearly said that Hamza was not implicated under any case,” she questioned.

The former info minister said that PML-N would challenge all these “illegal actions” on relevant legal forums.

“The PTI government and the accountability bureau needs to be reminded about cases of Malam Jabba, helicopter case, Chiniot minerals case, Jahangir Tareen money maundering, EOBI, NICL, and Rs 80 billion Peshawar Metro Scandal, because they seemed to have had a loss of memory over these cases where public money was plundered,” she said.

She demanded that the premier should make the performance of ministers public if he really believed in such an approach “instead of staging a media stunt”.

Marriyum said that the “compulsive liars and thieves of PTI first stole the people’s mandate then the stole the right to healthcare and education.”

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