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Journalist Nusrat Javeed survives road accident

Renowned news analyst Nusrat Javeed said he survived an accident on Friday night, initially accusing Prime Minister Imran Khan of “trying to get him killed” before retracting the statement.

On his official Twitter account, Javeed tweeted: “It is 1:16 and the Prime Minister of Pakistan has tried to get me killed. I am still alive.”

The talk show host, later in conversation with Naya Daur, said that he was driving to his home from G-8, Islamabad, when suddenly shots were fired at his car near the G-8 Imam Bargah.

“Both the tires on the left side of my car were burst and completely damaged. Then six men in plain clothes came and inspected me… The plan was to kill me”, he said.

“They must have thought that I’d be intoxicated and die in the accident but since I was sober, they left me alone,” Javeed added.

The senior TV anchor confirmed that he had reached home safely but said he hadn’t filed a report with the police.

“Which police do I report to? This Imran Khan’s police?” he asked, adding that he had ‘absolutely no’ intentions to report this incident to the police.

Surprisingly, Javeed retracted his allegations against the premier and apologise for his “post-accident trauma and paranoia”. He tweeted, “After thorough probe, the Islamabad police found that my tyre hit a stone, got burst and the car skidded and thus the rest of damage.”

A number of journalists and politicians condemned the incident and demand a transparent probe into the claims.

Senior journalist Hamid Mir wrote, “Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI must take notice of this incident he can disagree with the views of @javeednusrat but nobody has the right to attack or harass him and his claim on social media should be considered as a first information report.”

“Strongly condemn cowardly attack on Nusrat Javed. Such acts can’t silence voice of truth and reason,” said former interior minister Ahsan Iqbal.

Senator Sherry Rehman also commented on the incident and tweeted, “Shocked to hear about attack on veteran journalist @javeednusrat last night. This calls for an immediate inquiry and @interiorminister must answer for why and how this happened. No room for ‘information fog’ on this, otherwise we condone impunity.”

“The attempt to harm senior journalist @javeednusrat is highly condemnable and needs a probe at the highest level. The campaign to target journalists in #Pakistan is well orchestrated and reaching dangerous levels. #PressUnderAttack,” tweeted talk show host Arshad Sharif.

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