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White Lies

What goes around, comes around.

The offshore accounts of the First Sister (?) are being thrown in the Prime Minister’s face. A bit unfair to do so, you ask? That she is her own, individual entity, distinct from her brother?

Well, the same argument could be made about the former prime minister’s children as well. So the Kaptaan seems to be reaping what he had sown.

To twist the knife: as opposed to the Sharifs’ case, insiders say that brother and sister aren’t even on good terms. That the two don’t even visit each other!

What goes around, comes around harder in this case, it would appear.


Social media was cluck-cluck-clucking with zingers regarding the PM’s plan to fight poverty with chickens and eggs.

Some were demanding for it to be made clear whether the chickens are going to come first or the eggs.

Some trashed the idea and said the government is going to end up with egg on its face.

Others were supportive but still asked us to be cautious in our eggspectations.

Some were suspecting fowl play. They were suspicious of some poultry tycoons making money off this scheme.

Some were sad that Iqbal’s Shaheens had to do with other, lesser birds.