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PM slams critics of his ‘egg and chicken’ policy

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is facing severe criticism on both social and mainstream media over his proposal of poverty alleviation through a poultry policy, on Saturday slammed the “colonised minds” for praising the same idea when it was given by “wilaitis” [foreigners].

“For the colonised minds when desis talk about chickens combating poverty they get mocked, but when walaitis talk about desi chicken and poverty it’s brilliance!” he wrote in a tweet while sharing how the policy was a brainchild of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in 2016, who proposed it as a plausible solution to eradicate poverty and hunger in the world.

On Thursday, the premier, while addressing a ceremony at the Islamabad Convention Centre regarding the government’s performance in its first 100 days, had said that with the help of poultry, poverty could be eradicated from Pakistan.

He had said that the government would give eggs and chickens to the rural women so they can start their own poultry business. “The project has been tested and the government will provide injections to them for raising the chickens faster. This way they will have nutrient food for eating and more chickens and eggs to sell,” he had added.

Ever since his remarks caught the attention of people, especially netizens, floodgates for criticism had opened for the premier and his “lack of vision”.

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