OGRA proposes Rs10 hike in POL prices | Pakistan Today

OGRA proposes Rs10 hike in POL prices

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) requested on Thursday an increase of up to Rs10 in the petroleum product prices, according to media reports.

Reportedly, a summary for the rise in prices has been forwarded to petroleum division. The summary requested an increase of Rs6.21 per litre in petrol prices, while an increase of Rs2 per litre has been suggested in diesel prices. For kerosene oil, an increase of Rs9.91 has been suggested while OGRA requested an increase of Rs7.79 in light diesel prices.

Reportedly, the prices have been ascertained on the basis of 17 per cent General Sales Tax (GST).

In October, the government had raised the prices of petroleum products, with petrol going up by Rs5 per litre.

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