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NAB should be held accountable for omitting key evidence: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: PML-N Central Spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb said that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) intentionally omitted crucial evidence which stated that Ashiana scheme contract was terminated with mutual consent of all parties.

Talking to media, Marriyum said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was blatantly using the bureau for political victimisation while turning a blind eye to the illegal assets of his sister worth billions. The people are observing that NAB has become a party to the government in this case, she claimed.

“Aleema, who has clearly paid penalty over illegal assets. is looming free while Shehbaz , who is clean as no substantive evidence has been produced against him, is being held hostage by the vengeful government,” Marriyum objected.

She demanded the accountable of the anti-corruption watchdog for intentionally influencing the outcome of the case by omitting key evidence, arguing that Shehbaz was illegally granted a remand.

The PML-N spokesperson said that the NAB omitted evidence despite Shehbaz Sharif specifically pointing it out and after three hearings. She said NAB has nothing to say other than using the same old signature cliché of assets beyond means for political victimisation.

She stressed that keeping Shehbaz in custody without evidence of corruption is illegal.

She questioned the double standards of the government where billions embezzled in the potholes of Peshawar metro remain unnoticed. Marriyum said that the prime minister was insecure because he knows that he is a product of engineered elections. PM Khan should to know that he cannot hide Peshawar metro’s billions sunk behind fake cases against PML-N leadership, she lamented.

She said Shehbaz even held an investigation under Tariq Bajwa when he sensed some irregularities and then the case was sent to the anti-corruption department.

“Latif and Sons were on the record saying that they were not interested in working on the project. Why is this case being pursued when NAB has not been able to produce a single evidence,” she inquired.

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