Get rid of encroachments within three days, CDA warns | Pakistan Today

Get rid of encroachments within three days, CDA warns

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Sunday issued a final notice to the Capital’s citizens, directing them to eliminate encroachments within three days.

The CDA warned that failure to clear encroachments would result in its staff going forward with demolitions.

The notice states that owners of residential buildings, high rise, commercial and industrial buildings, institutional buildings and state institutions have erected encroachments on CDA’s land. These encroachments include footpaths, roads, barbed wires around buildings, car parks, construction of shades, security arrangements and construction of lawns and orchards.

“Citizens have been informed about illegal encroachments several times and this is the final notice. All encroachments should be removed within three days otherwise, ex parte action will be initiated and CDA will not be responsible for any loss,” the notice reads.

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