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Arjun Kapoor shaves head for upcoming film ‘Panipat’

It’s all about getting into the skin of your character and then keeping it under wraps for as long as possible. Arjun Kapoor was recently spotted exiting director Ashutosh Gowariker’s office with his face and head completely covered by a black mask and cap, in his attempt to conceal his ‘look.’

According to a report in the Mumbai Mirror, the actor has gone completely bald for his next film. He has also reportedly removed all facial hair and will appear clean shaven in his upcoming historical saga Panipat. As the title suggests, the period war drama is based on the famous battle of Panipat. Arjun has been cast as Peshwa Sadashiv Rao Bhau with Kriti Sanon as Parvati Bai, his second wife.

A source close to the development told the publication that all the actors playing Peshwas in the film have gone bald. The source added that Ashutosh being a perfectionist did not want his actors to wear a bald patch or resort to prosthetic. Same goes for Arjun who did not want to appear ‘fake’ on screen.

Speaking about his upcoming project, Arjun had previously said, “Our few interactions [with director Gowariker] have taught me so much. And with Sanju sir [Sanjay Dutt] and Kriti, there will be great energy on the set. It’ll be a battle royal.”

Panipat also marks the screen comeback of Shashi Kapoor’s son, Kunal Kapoor.

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