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White Lies

Chaudhry Pervez Elahi’s video in which he is expressing resentment against the current Punjab Governor has been doing the rounds lately. Though he has faced criticism for it, some have actually gone on to allege that it was he who released the video in the first place!

The man from Gujrat has an explanation, though. His personal assistant was asked to take a couple of photos of the high level meeting and the man, inept at technology, toggled on the video recorder instead.

Yes, but how did that video then make its way to the mainstream media?

By making its way to the social media first? Possible, yes. Probable? Don’t know.


The duelling Chaudhrys of their respective parties looked a far cry from their firebrand selves the other day at the marriage ceremony of the army chief’s son. Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsen, who once threatened to take the (then) League’s Chaudhry Nisar “to the cleaners” was sitting with the latter on the same table. No fire or conflict there.

When a senior journalist present there asked Nisar about whether another bit of ice (between him and the senior Sharif) has also thawed, he said there was no ice to begin with. One wonders what those long press conferences were for, then.