Have taken many ‘U-turns’ in my life, says President Alvi | Pakistan Today

Have taken many ‘U-turns’ in my life, says President Alvi

LAHORE: A day after Prime Minister Imran Khan issued a statement on “U-turns”, President Arif Alvi on Saturday came forward in support of the premier and shared that he too has taken “U-turns”.

While visiting a shopping mall in Lahore, the president while speaking to the media said, “I have taken many U-turns in my life.”

The president further said, “Decisions are taken according to the situations.”

In a meeting with senior journalists, PM said a leader who does not know how to take U-turns according to the requirements of the situation is not a real leader.

The premier citing an example from his cricket days when he led Pakistan’s national team and said, “We used to make a strategy and then step out into the field but if the opponent team formed a strategy against ours then we would have to change it.”

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