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Media Watch: This guy is an improvement?

Sometimes, there are situations that could be classified in the any-change-would-be-an-improvement category. It was thought that the Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan’s position as the Punjab government’s principal spokesperson was one of those.

Though It would be too soon to speak on his media, information and culture (comes with the portfolio) policies but there seemed to be a consensus that the man wasn’t suave enough to be personally speaking on behalf of the government. Embarrassing soundbite after soundbite forced the PTI to appoint a spokesperson for the Punjab CM.

Now, since a definition of the provincial government as a whole is “CM in cabinet,” the new spokesperson could be, in effect, called the principal spokesperson for the Punjab government. Hence, the new gentleman is not the new information minister but certainly his successor as principal spokesperson.

A look at the guy would reveal that the party really, could have done much better. Dr Shahbaz Gill holds a PhD in “leadership,” a fact that is not shy of repeating on his talk show appearances. The fellow is a bit of a rabble-rouser on the talk shows and folks started talking about him.

Islamabad-based policy wonk and talk show regular Mosharraf Zaidi says that after hearing about some explosive talkshows, he decided to look the fellow up on Twitter. Turned out, he had, in fact interacted, with him but had muted him some time ago. After looking at the exchange from 2014, he found out why.

The “debate” is given below.

Mosharraf Zaidi: “Surreal. Emotional PTI supporters upset at reports of zero fatalities so far. Textbook skewed incentives. Very dangerous territory.”

Dr. Shehbaz Gill: “@mosharrafzaidi I wish someone can pee on your face so that you can start making some sense.”

Ah, a battle of wits. This Gill person should have been a poet instead, so refined are his views and so deft is his expression. A wordsmith right there, ladies and gentlemen. Look at this space in the future. We can expect some more of the same from this suave, urbane spindoctor.

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