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Communication best tool to overcome bullying, says Ambassador Ivan Ivanissevich

Puppet show held at Argentine Embassy to mark International Students’ Day

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Argentine Republic to Pakistan Mr Ivan Ivanissevich on Friday said that bullying of those who are different than us can be overcome by cross communication.

He was speaking at the Puppet Show event organised at the Embassy of the Argentine Republic on International Students’ Day to promote respect for diversity and difference among children from various backgrounds.

Ambassador Ivanissevich underlined the idea that very often children and grown-ups often reject those who are different because of ignorance regarding their abilities, beliefs, different appearances, habits or traditions.

“This is a natural thing but it is also something that can be overcome by talking to one another, listening and finding out what is it that we all share. Rejection or bullying against those who are less well-off or different to us produces situations in which nobody wins; making an effort to understand one another, sharing games or helping one another will always make our lives so much more enjoyable, may develop our creativity and ensure a better future for everybody,” he said.

The nationally famous puppeteers of Rafi Peer Theatre had brought their show from Lahore for the occasion and enthralled the audience with songs and improvised situations on the subject of the need for children to respect one another.

The show which was attended by students from various schools offered children from poor, middle class and high-income backgrounds an opportunity to come together and enjoy an art form that has a very long tradition in Pakistan.

A few state-run, private and special education schools were also invited to make sure the message of solidarity reaches everyone.

At the end of the show, the guests and the Argentine ambassador mingled with the children. They talked about the show and how they felt after enjoying it with children and adults of different backgrounds.

The children were given lunch boxes sponsored by Serena Hotels whereas, each school also received a bag with footballs and volleyballs through the sponsorship of Atlas Sports of Sialkot.

The project was also supported by the Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad (MCI) and United Nations (UN).

The Argentine Embassy has been organising an event, a symbol of friendship between the two countries, on International Students’ Day every year in the Argentina Park. This year’s show was initially planned to take place in the park as well, however, the venue had to be changed due to rain.

Mian Abrar

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