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The patriarch of superheroes

  • Stan Lee’s legacy lives on!

Ideas and concepts taking the form of words that are universal in their message and arouse hope and optimism regarding the possibility of prevalence of the good despite all evils present in a society, or the world at large, go beyond the boundary of their mere meaning, and hold the power to constructively influence the human generations to come. Conceptualised words penned down, perhaps, hold more power. And if they end up giving birth to a virtuous character leaves such power unmatched.

We all have grown up being taught and studying history in attempts to not only learn about the great historical figures, be them statesmen, religious, or global change agents that defined and shaped the course of history for the generations to come, but also to be able to apply their teachings practically in our daily lives to acquire a better world. Only a very few of us, however, may have come across such figures, living in their lifespan. For it is only the books on history along with historians that, till date, enlighten the virtuous path for us.

Contrary to the aforementioned, perhaps what we all have come across as we grew up are the larger than life fictitious superhero characters, primarily hailing from the house of Marvel Comics. For more than half a century, the fictional superhero characters, as we know them today, have probably filled the gap that existed between real life heroes from the past, and the present generation growing up in search of someone living in the present to look up to.

Marvel comics, from a small division of a publishing house to a multimedia corporation dominating the comics industry, with any doubt, owes its spectacular and awe-inspiring evolution to none other than Stan Lee, the co-creator (along with other co-writers at Marvel) of numerous popular superhero characters. Whereas there is a long list of characters that owe their inception to Lee’s pen, some that definitely stood out from the rest throughout our childhood include Spiderman, the Hulk, the X-men, Thor, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, and the Ant Man.

Lee’s sad demise on November 12, 2018 came as shocker to millions of his indirect fans, as they were direct fans of his created superheroes all over the world. Stan Lee was 95, but his remarkable work in the form of characters he penned down through his comics will live for ages to inspire generations to come.

We know Stan Lee as merely an entertainer, a creator of fictional superhero characters to entertain his audience(s), but is that all? In reality, perhaps, Lee’s dynamic work goes far beyond the boundaries of conventional comic writing. He was not only a patriarch of Marvel comics, the home to all superheroes, but a visionary optimist who could see the good in the world, despite all evils prevailing. Spreading his message through fictional characters, Stan Lee gave his readers and audiences’ heroes to look up to, and ignited the lost hope for prevalence good in the millions of young ones. Although by following our favourite superhero characters we may not have acquired super powers to change the world, but we certainly have learnt the lessons of morality, societal justice, and individual responsibility, and role. Instead of presenting an ideal society, Lee always focused on the power every single individual holds in a society. The power to do his/her little bit, and putting in his/her due share to change what was, improve what is, and ultimately shape what will be.

We know Stan Lee as merely an entertainer, a creator of fictional superhero characters to entertain his audience(s), but is that all? In reality, perhaps, Lee’s dynamic work goes far beyond the boundaries of conventional comic writing

One man can change the world; for good too, if it is possible for bad. This loud message not only echoes through the books of our history, and the lives of our real life heroic figures, but the same was communicated by Stan Lee through his characters.

Lee’s message was universal, and was never restricted by boundaries, races, or languages. It undoubtedly influenced innumerable in their childhood, possibly transforming many (if not all) into a more desirable form of human beings we all aspire to be, or have in our society, and the world at large.

How Stan Lee’s message can influence us really depends on how we perceive the man, and his impeccable work. We can always view him as a mere entertainer, and read his comics, watch his superhero movies, and admire his work; or we can see the bigger picture, and actually learn and practice the lesson taught, and put in our little bits to make the World a better place to live.

It is a fact to the core after all; what we choose to be today will define, and shape our future.

Stan Lee, through his work, not only chose a path for himself, but went beyond his mere self, and ignited the spark of optimism in millions, encouraging them to be the change agent(s) they search for, and make the world a more prosperous one for all.

Stan Lee might not be with us today, but he will live in the form of the legacy i.e. the superheroes family, he left behind, and will always be remembered in the good that prevails.

Thank you Stan!