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White Lies

The Rules of Business are clear: there can be only one Chief Minister.

But that doesn’t mean there is a shortage of aspirants for éminence grise.

Amongst the contenders for wanting to call the shots are Aleem Khan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, former governor Sarwar and even speaker Pervaiz Elahi. Indication of a tussle between the last two came out in a comic way when cell-phone footage of Elahi asking Jehangir Tareen to keep the former governor under control.

Though, as these fellows slug it out, the unassuming chief minister remains the chief minister.


Other countries have fun social media stars whose clips go viral as soon as they’re out. Here, we have the rabble-rousing Khadim Ali Rizvi in that same position. His gift of the gab, facility with the Punjabi language and penchant for cussing have given his videos the sort of virality that pop-stars and actors dole out huge sums to their social media managers for.