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PCB appoints Shahid Afridi head of non-cricket committee

(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

LAHORE – After former captain Misbahul Haq was given the charge of working for the betterment in Pakistan, former skipper Shahid Khan Afridi has been appointed as the head of a non-cricket committee – a sub-autonomous consultant body under the PCB to streamline the extra-cricketing affairs of players, it has emerged.

According to reports, Afridi will coach the players regarding how they should not behave before the camera. He will explain to the young cricketers the difference between an apple and kookaburra ball while teaching his anti-ageing recipe for longer careers.

The star all-rounder, who retired from all international formats, will convey to the players how they can return from retirement and do so multiple times without giving in to media.

Afridi’s main focus will be to teach celebration styles to players so that they can magnify the significance of every wicket and every run in front of the fans as well as officials, sources informed.

Meanwhile, the PCB has also formed a cricket committee comprising veteran cricketers Mohsin Hassan Khan and Wasim Akram.

The committee head Mohsin Khan had suggested that Sarfraz Ahmed should be relieved from Test captaincy in a bid to give some rest to the players’ central nervous system in general and ear drums in particular.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.