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Aasia Bibi convicted for killing 16

–Aasia, alleged paramour awarded 15-life sentences in toxic lassi case

An anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Muzaffargarh on Thursday awarded 15 life-sentences to a woman and her alleged paramour for killing 16 members of a family with poisoned lassi, a private media outlet reported.

According to reports, Aasia Bibi and Muhammad Shahid were also served a fine of Rs3 million whereas the former’s aunt, Zareena Bibi, was acquitted over “benefit of doubt”.

As per the details of the case, Aasia had initially added poison to her husband Amjad’s drink that he had not consumed; she had then blended poison into lassi and served it to her in-laws.

A total of 27 people were affected, of which 16 were killed, including seven women and a child.

She had resorted to killing the ill-fated family after being forced into an arranged marriage.

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