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Chris Pratt, Anna Faris finalise divorce, waive right to spousal support

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have settled their divorce.

According to a report in People, a private judge dissolved their marriage on Wednesday. The two exes agreed to share joint legal and physical custody of their 6-year-old son Jack with the duo agreeing on a “flexible timeshare” that is dependent on their availability and work schedules.

In their divorce settlement, the stars have also agreed to live no further than five miles apart from each other until their 6-year-old son Jack completes the sixth grade. As part of the agreement, the two must provide written notice to each other if they plan on moving away or if they desire to take Jack on a trip out of the country.

Pratt, 39, and Faris, 41, waived their right to spousal support from each other, however, as the two signed a prenup one month before their marriage in July 2009 that “is the governing document with regard to issues related to spousal support, community property, separate property, assets, liabilities, debts and reimbursements.”

As for child support, the court documents state “the parties have specifically agreed that child support shall be set at $0” and that the pair will maintain a joint bank account for Jack’s monthly expenses.

The settlement comes a week after the duo were seen together on Halloween alongside their respective new significant others. The exes celebrated Halloween with Jack, with Pratt sticking close to girlfriend Katherine Schwarzenegger and Faris holding hands with her cinematographer boyfriend Michael Barrett.

Pratt and Faris announced they were splitting after eight years of marriage on August 6, 2017, with a joint statement on Facebook. They officially filed for divorce in December 2017 and asked for joint custody of Jack.

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