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Republicans lose control over the House

  • US stops short of the precipice

Democrats have clawed their way back to share in power by gaining majority in the House after  eight years. The victory  marks  the end of the one party rule in the US which was manipulated by President Trump to implement his whimsical, anti-peace, anti-free trade  and anti-environment policies . An absence of any effective  challenge from the Congress encouraged Trump to lay out an economic nationalist agenda in disregard of international treaties and initiate a trade war.   So far  Trump had benefited from a friendly Congress  which  generally supported his policies and looked the other way  when it came to oversight.  The takeover of the  House by the  Democrats indicates  that a majority of the country wants to see a check on Trump for the next two years of his term

 Trump is soon going to find that he is no more above the law. With the opposition now wielding subpoena power and the investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, still looming, the president would face a drastically more hostile political environment in days to come. The House Democrats could investigate him or try to impeach him though some of their leaders had denied this  during the campaign. The House Intelligence Committee, which ran the chamber’s investigation into 2016 Russian investigation meddling, will be under the control of Trump’s nemesis Adam Schiff, who has pledged to look deeper into the president’s foreign financial dealings

The Democrats’  victory is a breath of fresh air  for Trump’s domestic  opponents. The women  have gained the largest ever presence in the House defying Trump’s sexist pronouncements.  Despite Trump’s anti-minorities and anti-immigrant stance  two Muslim and two native Americans women have been elected.  However, one expects no  major change in Trump’s foreign policy.  The President might not be able to add more to Iran’s travails but there is little likelihood of any change in his Afghan policy.   With the  Republicans still  maintaining  control of the Senate as well as  the  executive and judicial branches of the government, there is little chance of   any shift in Trump’s imperious tone and his policy of arm twisting   countries which do not follow his diktat.