PARC’s daily wagers case: Lawyer withdraws citing ‘delaying tactics’ as reason | Pakistan Today

PARC’s daily wagers case: Lawyer withdraws citing ‘delaying tactics’ as reason

The lawyer in Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) employees’ regularisation case on Monday withdrew his power of attorney from the case amid alleged delaying tactics used by certain officials in PARC.

Advocate Umer Sajjad Chaven said that the refusal to continue the fight for as many as 352 daily wagers’ before the Islamabad High Court (IHC) had to be given up after the authorities in department failed to cooperate and abide by the court orders.

Umer Sajjad informed that a division bench of the IHC had asked the PARC secretary to appear in person for the court assistance in the matter, however, the secretary failed to turn up in the matter.

He claimed that he repeatedly communicated to the PARC’s secretary to in an attempt to make him appear before the court but the secretary failed to observe the court orders.

Umer has communicated to the PARC chairman in written that since PARC legal department is not complying with the direction of the IHC, so he is unable to appear on behalf of the PARC in the case of regularisation of a total of 352 daily wagers employees.

“Since PARC seems adamant not to comply with the orders of the Court and we cannot even think of for non-compliance of the orders of any court of law. Hence we regretted from PARC to appear on its behalf”, Advocate Umar concluded.

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