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HIV, AIDS claim 22 lives in Sindh this year so far

KARACHI: As many as 22 people have died from HIV/AIDS in Sindh province in 2018 so far, of which 19 were male and the remaining three were females patients.

Sindh AIDS Control Program (SACP) Programme Manager Dr Younis Chachar said that a total 22 deaths have been reported from HIV/AIDS this year so far, and a majority of deaths occurred due to injecting drug users.

He informed that SACP has recorded 2,462 new HIV/AIDS cases at six HIV/AIDS Treatment Centre from January 1 to date and out of them, 2,112 are men, 220 are women, and 58 transgender persons, 42 boys and 30 girls.

Dr Chachar said SACP has detected a total 15,147 HIV/AIDS infected patients since the start of the programme and out of them, 14,908 were HIV patients and 239 were AIDS positive. More than 131,000 HIV/AIDS infected people are living in Pakistan out of them 56,000 are in Sindh province.

He said there are 10,954 registered patients out of which 6,836 are under treatment at different centres. He said more than 70 per cent of HIV/AIDS cases were reported from Karachi city, followed by Larkana and others cities.

A total of 494 deaths were also reported from HIV/AIDs in the province from 1995 up to September 2018 of which 448 were males, 30 females, 11 children and five transgenders.

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