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Ayyan Ali promises to reveal the truth, return with a bang

Model Ayyan Ali, who has been in the centre of a money-laundering controversy for over three years, has broken her silence on the matter and publicly addressed the issue at hand. The 25-year-old was recently issued a non-bailable warrant by a special court following the trial.

Taking to social media accounts, the model lashed out on trolls and the media and announced she will be keeping fans updated on all proceedings.

“Due to my health issues plus my mental health therapies I wasn’t able to lead my cases the way I wanted to before!,” she began, continuing, “I have changed my lawyers already and I’m changing my lawyers in all my other on going cases as well! All my cases now will be from a fresh start!”

Ayyan has reportedly replaced Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Sardar Latif Khan Khosa as her lawyer with Sarfraz Mathew Advocate. Mathew presented his credentials to the court in last week’s court proceedings.

She then went on to address the money laundering ‘allegations’ on her and sharing a video from the day of the incident questioned why she was the only one arrested and not former President’s [Zardari’s] PA Mushtaq Ahmed and former Interior Minister, Rehman Malik’s brother Khalid Malik, who were also present and can be seen in the video.

“Before putting such huge allegations on me like money laundering without any proof and making me go through these horrible situations for past four years, I just want to ask something.”

“As per this airport video if the former President’s PA Mushtaq Ahmed and Rehman Malik’s brother Khalid Malik was was there with me in Islamabad Airport’s Rawal Lounge why both of them were not arrested and why they are not in my FIR why they were not the part of any investigation,” she asked.

She continued, “My personal life has not done any damage to my Motherland Pakistan and the people of my country! People who thought it was a joke before saying whatever they wanted to utter from their mouths will get all their answers now on!”

“But my answers will make much more sense then their illogical fake rumours and allegations!,” she concluded.

As per the latest reports, a non-bailable arrest warrant was issued for Ayyan on October 22 and directed the concerned authorities to produce her before the court on November 10 with regards to the currency smuggling case.  The court rejected her abstention request on medical grounds and said that the accused has avoided 33 hearings in the last year and a half and medical certificate produced is also a lie.

On March 14, 2015, Ali was arrested at the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto International Airport while boarding a flight to the United Arab Emirates carrying $506,800 without the permission of the State Bank of Pakistan

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