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Twitterati react to transfer of Islamabad IG ‘over a cow’

The transfer of Islamabad Inspector General of Police (IGP) Jan Muhammad Khan by Prime Minister Imran Khan allegedly on the grounds that the IGP did not answer the calls made by federal minister Senator Azam Swati when “a cow belonging to a family of Kachi abadi wandered into his land” has drawn the ire of  social media users.

Earlier, Swati had taken a stance that he had approached the PM after several failed attempts at contacting Jan Muhammad over “bomb threats from the illegal occupants on his land”, however, in a programme on a local media outlet, it was claimed that the whole incident was over a cow, who wandered into the forest land allegedly grabbed by the minister.

“Entire family in prison, IG Islamabad transferred (on orders of the Prime Minister himself) because a cow belonging to the family of kachi abadi wandered into the forest land behind illegally grabbed by Fed Minister Azam Swati behind his farmhouse,” tweeted journalist Gul Bukhari.

“This little boy is the only one left to take care of younger ones of a family who’s older members, male & female, wr picked up by police & thrown into Adiala bcz their cattle wandered into Azam Swati’s farmhouse. PM sent IG Isb packing for not responding to the minister’s call.”

“I wonder what the next plan of action would have been. Instructing NAB to arrest the cow,” tweeted notable journalist Nadeem Farooq Paracha.

“Azam Swati is the first person to use Pakistan Citizen Portal. Got swift response from Prime Minister and  IGP Islamabad was removed from his post.”

“PM Imran Khan PTI is doing a great job for Pakistan. However, it is important to control people like Azam Swati & Imran Ismail who are embarrassment for PTI. IK should call a meeting of All PTI parliamentarians and warn them not to damage party image through their follies.”

“I believe the first task for the new IGP, Islamabad would be to arrest the suspected ‘cow’ responsible for attacking Minister Azam Swati’s farm house along with her accomplice. His fate would not be different if he fail, too. How depoliticise is our police now ? Shocking,” said journalist Mazhar Abbas.

“On Azam Swati’s complaint, IG Islamabad is fired. IG can be fired so easily – is this a police state? Firing bureaucrats is no solution.”

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