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Prominent reactions to Saudi confirmation of journalist Khashoggi’s death

Saudi Arabia on Saturday admitted that journalist Jamal Khashoggi died in a “fist-fight” inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. The country had for over two weeks denied it was involved in his disappearance.

The Saudi announcement and explanation for his death was met with criticism from around the world.

“Saudi authorities claiming that Jamal Khashoggi died as a result of a ‘fist-figh’ inside the consulate are not trustworthy and marks an abysmal new low to Saudi Arabia’s human rights record,” tweeted Amnesty International.

“Does this look like a man angling for a fist-fight with 15 Saudi agents? Or a man walking unknowningly to his death at the hands of an official Saudi assassination squad,” tweeted Human Rights Watch Executive Director.

“To say that I am skeptical of the new Saudi narrative about Mr. Khashoggi is an understatement,” said US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

“Laughable claims by Saudi Govt now that Jamal Kashoggi died at the consulate in a ‘brawl’ – after two weeks of insisting the man left the consulate in 20 minutes. And so, where’s the body?” tweeted Pakistani journalist Gul Bukhari.

“Obviously, there’s been deception and there’s been lies” in Saudi Arabia’s story about what happened to Jamal Khashoggi, President Trump told The Washington Post — a day after he said he found the Saudi account credible,” tweeted The New York Times.

“Saudi explanation of Khashoggi’s death greeted with skepticism and derision,” tweeted The Washington Post.

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