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E-challans: No gender-based, road-wise records maintained so far

LAHORE: Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) has failed to maintain the road-wise and gender-based data of traffic rules violators while generating a revenue worth more than Rs10 million through the 100,000 e-challans that it has served so far, Pakistan Today has learnt.

On the orders of the Lahore High Court (LHC), PSCA, for the past one month, has started serving e-challans to curb traffic violations in the city through its cameras installed in different areas, including Jail Road, Ferozpur Road, Mall Road DHA and Gulberg.

However, sources informed Pakistan Today that the authority has not yet been able to gather proper information, such as the gender ratio of the drivers, due to which no stats of the male and female motorists violating the laws have been determined.

“PSCA also does not have any records of roads where violations are more than others whereas the data for overspeeding, lane-changing and other traffic violations has also not been collected.”

Sources were of the view that this sort of data was necessary in order to take measures for the improvement of the traffic system in the city and depute the required number of traffic wardens on different roads.

They further said that while PSCA appeared to only be focusing on serving challans, it was important to be aware of the violators’ gender ratio so as to devise a proper strategy and provide training regarding traffic rules to the people.

“There are dozens of other traffic violations that should be taken seriously but so far PSCA is only focusing on red signal violations due to which the traffic system and management have not much changed. Bikes and rickshaws are still seen changing their lanes and disturbing the traffic flow and also, at times, causing accidents.”

PSCA spokesperson Hafiz Tayyab told Pakistan Today that almost 100,000 challans had been served since September 24, 2018, and the average challan ration per day was 5,000.

“It has been observed by the PSCA that it is 90% men and 10% women who violate the red signal. So far we do not have the data of the roads and car owners and we are working on it,” he said.

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