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Pakistani man sends trio to molest former girlfriend in Dubai

DUBAI: A Pakistani man stood trial at a Dubai court after he had his three compatriots molested and robbed his girlfriend for breaking up with him, Khaleej Times reported.

According to the public prosecution records, two of them barged inside the Chinese woman’s flat, robbed Dh12,000 and kissed and groped her after removing her clothes against her will.

The Court of First Instance heard two of the four suspects – aged between 22 and 34 – entered the flat against the woman’s will and then snatched her mobile phone and Dh12,000 in cash.

The duo also molested and groped her after forcibly removing her clothes and gagging her with a duct tape.

They were all charged with forcible robbery, molestation and criminal complicity.

The incident was reported at Al Rashidiya police station.

The complainant, a 25-year-old accountant, said the incident took place at 2am on August 25 when she was at her flat in the Chinese cluster in International City.

“Those men came ringing my doorbell. As I opened it and was checking who it was, two men pushed the door and barged inside. They snatched my mobile phone after one of them grabbed me aggressively by the arms. They then wore gloves and searched around. They took Dh12,000 from my purse and stole another mobile phone off a table.”

She recounted how the two suspects took off her clothes and then tied her up and gagged her with a duct tape. They molested and groped her. They left the place but as she managed to remove the duct tape and screamed for help, they came back and gagged her again. After they fled the scene, she untied herself and went immediately to lodge a complaint at the police station.

A police sergeant said after receiving the complaint, they checked the building CCTV.

“We saw two men covering their faces and getting inside the lift to the victim’s flat. We had doubts about the woman’s friends. We learned later that she had a Pakistani boyfriend, one of the accused on trial. He was charged with aiding and abetting in the crimes.”

The police arrested him at 9am on August 25 in the International City. He claimed he had been in a love affair with the complainant for almost three years. About one week prior to the incident, she broke up with him, which prompted him to think about getting even with her.”

The court will pronounce a ruling on November 8.

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