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Kinza torture case: Medical report confirms ‘extensive torture’ of domestic worker

FIR registered against couple who is on the run

RAWALPINDI: The medical examination of 11-year-old girl domestic worker Kinza on Sunday confirmed that she has been physically tortured allegedly at the hands of her employers, Major Ammara Riaz and Dr Mohsin Riaz, said the police.

A video of the 11-year-old domestic helper, identified as Kinza Bashir, narrating her experience of abuse at the hands of her employers in Wilayat Colony, Chaklala Scheme III Rawalpindi went viral on social media a day earlier. Severe injuries on her face and body were visible in the video.

The girl, who managed to escape the house after over a year of being locked inside, accused her employers of starving her and torturing her with wires, belts and being kicked and stomped on while she slept. She said that she was not fed properly by the family and was subjected to violent beatings when she stole food out of out of extreme hunger.

“An examination was done to investigate the extent of the injuries suffered by the 11-year-old house servant,” said the medical report released by Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Rawalpindi.

An ultrasound test has revealed that there is swelling and tenderness in Kinza’s abdominal region whereas, her chest and ribcage are also damaged. Kinza’s left shoulder and left arm were tender and “not moving on their own”, reported the medical-legal officer (MLO) in the report. Her head has a deep cut on her left side which is “bleeding actively”, according to the MLO’s report.

Her neck had multiple old wound marks determined to be caused by fingernails; no bruises or swelling, however, were observed, the report further read.

Furthermore, the report also said that Kinza has a mark on her right cheek and her right eye has suffered slight damage to the cornea.

The details of the medical examination are consistent with the minor’s account of the torture which she reported in the video. The report provides evidence that the last torture was carried out 15 to 20 days ago with the use of “knives and belts in addition to, persons standing on her multiple times with full weight”.


A day after the disturbing images and videos of Kinza shook the nation’s collective conscience, a case was registered against the couple who is now on the run.

The couple has been booked for allegedly torturing the child on multiple occasions.

Addressing a press conference in Rawalpindi, city police officer (CPO) Abbas Ahsan said that a case was also registered at the Child Protection Bureau (CPB) against the couple.

Rawalpindi Deputy Commissioner (DC) Umar Jahangir and Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Operations Ali Akbar Shah were also present at the occasion.

The CPO said that they only came to know about the case after Kinza’s photos and videos went viral, creating a social media outcry on Saturday.

“Rescue 15 service also received a call on October 19 from Colonel Sajjad [a neighbour] who registered a complaint against the suspects,” CPO Ahsan said.

He said that the concerned assistant sub-inspector of police (ASI) has been suspended for not filing a report and a befitting action like a departmental inquiry will be taken against him as well.

“We will always take action whenever we receive information about any such incident,” he assured, however, his response to a question about what action is being taken against other such children was inconclusive.

“The media will always be updated through press conferences regarding whatever actions are taken by the police in this regard,” he said as he hurriedly ended the presser.

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