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Photo ‘released’ of terrorist who killed Afghan security chief, governor

Afghan Taliban have reportedly released photo and details of the bodyguard who killed one of most powerful security commander and the governor police chief in Kandahar on Thursday.

On Thursday, General Abdul Raziq was killed when a bodyguard opened fire following a meeting in the governor’s compound in Kandahar.

“Taliban sources say the attacker of Genera Razik waited for his target for six years. His name was Raza Muhammad who belongs to Ghilan district of Ghazni province. Afghan officials have not confirmed the identity of the attacker yet,” a Twitter post said.

General Scott Miller, the top US commander in Afghanistan who had been at the meeting with Raziq only moments earlier, was uninjured in the attack, but the local commander of the NDS intelligence service and the Kandahar provincial governor Zalmay Wesa were also killed.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, saying they had targeted both Miller and Raziq, who had a fearsome reputation as a ruthless opponent of the insurgents.

Saturday’s parliamentary election in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar will be delayed by a week following the attack.

The decision to suspend the vote in Kandahar province was taken over the objections of some officials who warned that any delay would threaten the whole process and hand the Taliban a major propaganda victory.

The election had been seen as a major test of the government’s credibility and ability to organise a nationwide ballot ahead of the more important presidential election next April.

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