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CDA, MCI allegedly allot weekly bazaars stalls to blue-eyed persons  

ISLAMABAD: The high-ups of Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) have illegitimately allotted a number of stalls of CDA weekly bazaars to blue-eyed influential persons against the prescribed rules.

The stalls had been allotted to these persons in the tenure of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government as officers of both CDA and MCI were involved in this.

According to the media reports, the CDA high-ups have totally violated the rules and regulations and allotted stalls to former PML-N former MNA Tariq Fazal and other prominent personalities. The stalls were allegedly allotted to these persons for a lifetime.

However, department MCI sources stated that CDA had issued the laws of stalls allotment in 1985 and the Weekly Bazaars including H-9, Bara Kahue, G-10, G-6. According to the laws, the stalls allotment would have to be alloweded on an annual basis that ends on December 31 and term of these stalls renew on January 01.

According to rules, these stalls should be allotted to persons including vegetable growers, traders and widows; however, these stalls had been allotted the influential persons without any justification.  Sources stated that stalls allotted to PML-N leader Tariq Fazal were still in his custody.

Sources further discussed that three stalls in H-9 weekly Bazaar had allegedly allotted to former State Minister for Capital Administration and Development Authority (CAAD) Tariq Fazal Ch. However, when contacted Tariq Fazal Ch he totally refuted and added CDA had already cancelled the allotment of these stalls.

Sources said that the number of parliamentarians and journalists had owned these stalls as they were allotted these stalls without rules and regulations. They only deposit Rs 2000 for stall and CDA and MCI had faced financial damage of millions of rupees. It also revealed in the survey that most of the 90% people haven’t used these stalls and given on rent to other persons of Rs 6000 to Rs 15000.

When CDA spokesman contacted he clearly stated that all allotment had made in PML-N tenure and all above-mentioned bazaars were in MCI supervision on that time. He added MCI has also all record of these plots. He said that CDA hadn’t involved in these allotments.

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