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‘Unfair’ decisions won’t stop me from serving the country: Tareen

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Jahangir Khan Tareen has said that “grossly unfair” decisions would not stop him from serving the country.

Tareen, who had been away from the political scene since the Supreme Court’s (SC) rejection of his review petition against the lifetime disqualification, took to Twitter to express his views on the decision.

“The last two weeks since ‘the decision’(the less said about it the better) have been tough for me. I left and took a break from everything.But now I am back . My passion and love for my country means that even grossly unfair decisions are not going to stop me from serving it,” he wrote.

On September 27, SC rejected Tareen’s review petition against his lifetime disqualification. In the review petition against his disqualification, Tareen had informed the court that he could not present legal instruments and specific documents regarding his trust — Shiny View Limited (SVL) — and a property — Hyde House — during the course of litigation because they were not in his personal knowledge, possession or control. In December 2017, Tareen had been disqualified under Article 62(1)(f) of the Constitution by the SC on a petition filed by Hanif Abbasi for misdeclaration of assets. Later, in a landmark judgement announced in April 2018, the apex court had ruled that a disqualification handed down under Article 62(1)(f) of the Constitution is for life, which had rendered Tareen ineligible to hold a public office for life.

After the court’s rejection of his petition, Tareen wrote on Twitter, “Disappointed by the SC decision. Wish the facts of the review had been given due weight. I played my part for NayaPakistan and gave my all to my leader, my cause and my country. I thank everyone wholeheartedly for their support. My faith is in Allah and He will see me through IA.”

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