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PM Imran not behind NAB arrests, says info minister

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Wednesday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is not connected to decisions made for arrests of those who are facing corruption charges.

While addressing the media out the Parliament ahead of a National Assembly session regarding Shehbaz Sharif’s arrest, Chaudhry said, “If a reference is underway against someone, then the premier has nothing to do with the decision regarding whether to arrest that person or not.”

Commenting on criticism of the premier’s remarks regarding more arrests, the information minister said, “The premier had said 50 people should be in jail and those 50 people are the ones creating noise.”

Chaudhry also talked about the NA session and said, “We are ready for a debate on accountability. However, Opposition should not make noise at Shehbaz Sharif’s arrival in Parliament.”

Further, lashing out at Opposition members, Chaudhry said, “No one has the standing to conspire against the government. The government is strong and stable.”

“Those who used official funds for elections campaign should not pass comments against us,” he added.

Chaudhry reiterated, “We can talk about transparency but the process of accountability will continue despite protests.”

“The accountability process poses no threat to democracy,” he stressed.

The information minister further said, “Instead of making noise against institutions created by you [opposition parties], talk about how to make the accountability process further transparent.”

“There should be no leniency towards those who brought Pakistan to where it is today,” he added.

Furthermore, Chaudhry said, “Just like there is a commission to probe rigging in the election there can be a commission on accountability,” adding that “our government launched the country’s largest housing project and introduced health cards. In the past, no government thought about making houses for the homeless.”

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