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Govt likely to make changes in NAB law: report

Law Minister Farogh Nasim’s committee has asked the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), law and interior ministries and the other concerned authorities to submit proposals in order to improve the accountability system.

According to a local media report, it has been reported that the decision to make the required changes in the NAB law will not be extended to judges and general, in addition to setting some limits for NAB chairman’s power to make an arrest.

It was further reported that Prime Minister Imran Khan was told that the misuse of authority by the NAB officials led to the harassment of government servants due to which the PM wants to “restrict NAB to mega corruption cases”.

The report further noted that the chairman has the power to hire and fire all employees including the HR of the Prosecutor General’s office thus giving him absolute control over all aspects of inquiry, investigation and trial.

It is explained that the NAB law is “inconsistent with the Constitution as the onus of proof is on the accused”.

“Due to 90 days physical remand in a white collar crime, the un-bailable incarceration afterwards, a high cost of legal services, people are made to enter plea bargain even with their life savings to put an end to this ordeal,” the report stated.

“It is argued that accountability is a necessary condition for progress and development, but it must be fair, humane and judicious,” the report further stated, adding that “it is pointed out that the NAB authorities have been indemnified against any action by their victims but the victims cannot claim similar indemnities under other laws which were made their frame of reference when they were accused of misuse of authority”.

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