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5 lasagna jackpots to try in Lahore

Don’t trust anyone who does not like lasagna. It is one of the best things Italy has produced and we are glad that there are a number of places in Lahore where you can devour this dish which we like to call the king of pasta dishes.

1- Rina’s Kitchenette 
A gourmet beef lasagna that hits the spot every time. You can never have enough of this lasagna.

2- The Pantry by Polo Lounge
Why deprive yourself of the best things in life just for a diet? This lasagna is for the health conscious folks. It has goodies like cherry tomatoes and much more which a person on a diet would be happy with.

3- Urban Kitchen

Simple yet satisfying. The meat is cooked in a delicious tomato sauce and the serving is not stingy at all.

4- The Kitchen – Bistro. Boulangerie. Patisserie.

This one is layers and layers of cheese baked to golden brown perfection. We bet you will be going back for more again and again.

5- Ye Ghar Ka Khanna Hai

Feel like eating a great lasagna but not stepping out of the house? Order one from YGKH and thank us later.

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