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Fakhar-e-Alam’s family pays him a surprise visit in Cairo

Award-winning actor and singer-songwriter Fakhr-e-Alam’s who is on a 28-day journey across the globe dedicated to the people of Pakistan received a surprise visit from his family in Cairo, Egypt.

On October 14, when Alam reached Cairo during his ‘Mission Parwaaz’ journey, he found his wife and children waiting for him.

Alam tweeted about the heartfelt meeting between him and his family.

“The greatest joy & surprise I didn’t know my wife & kids were waiting cuz we got so late in Cairo. My daughter just didn’t want to let go of me & I her. My son said daddy I missed u take me with you. My wife I am so grateful to for being strong for me & supporting #MissionParwaaz,” he wrote.

Alam began his mission on October 10 from Clearwater, Florida from where has flown to Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Croatia and Egypt to name a few places.

“It was an amazing start to Mission Parwaaz,” he wrote on Facebook, “It was a rough start…weather was very tricky in Florida because of Hurricane Micheal…but as soon as a window was available, I was out of there. Manchester, New Hampshire was a good solid approach…a good lunch and fuel and finally a 4 hours and 37 minutes flight to Goose Bay, Canada,” he wrote on Facebook after starting his journey across the globe.

Speaking earlier to Pakistan Today, Alam had shared that the entire trip is expected to be completed in 28 days, given the weather conditions are favourable. He requested the people to pray for the successful completion of his mission.

As to why he decided to take up this herculean challenge, Alam had replied, “If I successfully do this, I will be the first Pakistani to do so and will bring Pakistan’s names to the aviation books.”

“The world is currently facing a shortage of pilots and I want to inspire young Pakistanis to take up this profession because the country is full of talented people whose potential has not yet been tapped. I want to encourage the youth in the country to dream big and then follow those dreams.”

Alam continued, “My aim is also to present a positive picture of Pakistan to the world and show them that we are a brave and peace-loving nation and are no less than any other country.”