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Taazo: a wholesome biryani experience

LAHORE: Being a desi, we tend to have strong opinions about food in this country and of all the dishes evoking this view, biryani is definitely one of the closest to our hearts. There may be many variations to it, but our loyalties are with none, as long as they are perfectly cooked.

Taazo opened its doors last year in a city cluttered with numerous biryani restaurants. The name Taazo is derived from the Sindhi word for fresh [tah-zo] and that appears to be the mantra and objective of the joint, which has three branches located in various areas of the city. And staying true to its name and essence, Taazo is known to be the most hygienic biryani chain in Pakistan.

In a short conversation, the owner of the biryani chain, Jawad Shaikh, shared that the dishes are cooked fresh on a daily basis at their kitchen located on Ferozepur Road, from where they are delivered to the outlets. He said that this was done to maintain hygiene and ensure freshness. He further shared that no food is stored and all excess food is distributed among the poor and needy at the end of the day. Shaikh said that from the ingredients to the presentation and taste, he wanted to ensure that customers are served with a fresh product which looks and tastes like homemade food.

We visited the Taazo branch located near University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS) on Outfall Road to get a ‘fresh and unique experience’ as they claim to give their customers. Like the attractive containers that Taazo serves their food in, the interior of the restaurant was also done in a refreshing orange colour.

As we entered the outlet, we were greeted by the tempting aroma of freshly cooked biryani and warm, friendly staff, who immediately seated us.

The menu was fairly simple with chicken biryani and pulao being their main dishes. It also included shawarmas and desi desserts, like firni etc. The biryani is offered with various spice levels and serving sizes on an orange plastic tray with a side of well-balanced raita.

Being somebody who is very particular about her plate of biryani, I am glad to report that the biryani matched up to its claims of being fresh. The chicken and rice were cooked well and the spice level was tantalising. My colleague tried their pulao and she too was happy with the way it was cooked, especially with the fact that it was spice-free.

What also caught our attention was the cheerful and friendly staff which also included females. Upon inquiring, Shaikh told us that the inclusion of female staff was to provide the female customers, including the students of UVAS, with a comfort zone.

Moreover, the orange containers in which they deliver the biryani was microwave-friendly, which keeps the food fresh and is a well reusable household utensil as well. It is interesting to note how restaurateurs are adopting environment-friendly measures.

If you are looking for a wholesome biryani experience at an affordable price, Taazo is the place to go.

Saneela Jawad

The author is a member of the staff. Her interests lie in culture, fashion and highlighting social injustices. She's also on a mission to end hunger with the initiative Tiffin Point. She tweets at @SaneelaJawad Email: [email protected]