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White Lies

He’s pulling out all the stops in the bypoll for Lahore’s NA-131, Humayun Akhtar Khan is.
It was a razor-thing lead with which that Imran Khan beat Saad Rafiq here. And the recount was also problematic, with the League adamant it was wronged.
All has to go well, because Humayun has a point to prove. He’s always spent on his campaigns lavishly and this time’s no exception. Plus, he’s put together quite a campaign team. The well-to-do ladies from the affluent areas of the constituency (DHA, Cantt, Cavalry) call voters from carefully prepared lists, identifying themselves by giving their specific addresses, hence establishing their local credentials and only then making their vote pleas.
All that is good, but when a constituent says he or she is voting for the League, they unfortunately also show some of the….exuberance…that the PTI is known for.
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The government, through Pemra, might seek an explanation from the channels for spreading ‘misinformation’ about certain ministers but the grapevine is more than abuzz with certain rumours.
Some within the PTI’s leadership aren’t happy with the performance of finance minister Asad Umer and the falling rupee. Even if he had to do what he did, he certainly gave the impression of not having done his homework.
It remains to be seen what the PM himself thinks. He just might be on the verge of losing patience in his cabinet favourite himself.