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Sindh education minister enrolls daughter in Hyderabad govt school

–Sardar Shah encourages people to admit their children in government-run schools across province

KARACHI: While taking a historic move in the country particularly in Sindh province, Education Minister Sardar Shah has enrolled his nine-year-old daughter into the government-run school to encourage the people to do the same instead of preferring education in the private sector.

Speaking on the floor of Sindh Assembly a few days ago, the provincial education minister had announced to enroll his only daughter and two other kids from his family to the government schools with an aim to encourage the people to avail the facility run by the taxpayer’s money.

Shah reached the Hyderabad’s Meeran High School on Friday in his private car and with three kids including his nine-year-old daughter Kaif. He not only admitted his daughter but also enrolled his two nieces, Umeza and Aliza who are daughters of his brother Syed Sartaj Shah, in the same pilot primary school which is merger unit of Meeran High School.

He met with the principal of the government school as a father and filled up the admission form of his daughter Kaif and his two nieces.

As soon as the minister reached the school, a large number of media persons rushed to the scene thinking that the minister was on a surprise visit, however, all the people were shocked to see that the minister was there to enroll the family children in the school.

After the admission procedure, the minister also visited some portions of the school and congratulated the school authorities for maintaining cleanliness, all other basic facilities at the school.

While talking to Pakistan Today, the Sindh’s minister for school education said he had fulfilled his commitment which he made in the assembly that he would be the first person to enroll his children in government-run school to encourage public to do the same.

“I will not issue any order forcing officers to enroll their children into the government schools. It’s everyone’s dedication and commitment with their kids and to the government schools”, he said, adding that he will try his best to ensure the best teaching facilities at the government schools that would ultimately compel people.

“Everything is a matter of ownership. Today, I have taken a step to own my government schools. It is easy to criticise the system but it is quite hard to take initiative by yourself towards reforming it,” he said.

He was of the opinion that it is not a matter of imposition but of conscience and example for others to follow. Shah said, “Whatever I did was my personal duty, and it is just the first step towards the restoration of the dilapidated system … Now whosoever wants to question me about the education system should first get his children into government schools. Only then he has the right to question, otherwise it would merely be an attempt of political point scoring.”

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